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Testimonials about Gentofte

How do you find your feet in Gentofte when you move here from abroad? Three international citizens share their experiences and offer advice.

Claire: Sport, clubs and societies can provide a network

Claire Maxwell has lived in Gentofte since 2018. For her, clubs and societies were the way to build a social network in Denmark:

If you’re going to succesfully enjoy Denmark you have to become a part of the broader community. Things like "Active Summer" and the sports clubs that are run in Gentofte are the bridge that provide that link to the broader community.

For me one of the things that made me feel like I belong here and like I matter was joining my local sports club. There’s a real sense of community spirit. You meet many Danes but also people from other nationalities, so you get a real sense that you’re one of many.

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Yavor: Make use of what Gentofte Kommune offers and get to know your neighbours

Yavor Hristov has lived in Gentofte since 2010. Yavor recommends taking part in clubs and societies to meet new Danish friends – perhaps doing voluntary work. He also believes it’s important to get to know your neighbours and get your children into Danish daycare facilities.

If you want to make Danish friends, my recommendation would be to go and join the activities shared in the community: sports activities, clubs of interest or art. There are so many opportunities in the municipality. This is where you make friends with Danish people.

When you move to Gentofte, you are moving to a neighbourhood that is well established. People have known each other for many years here, so it’s very important that you establish some contact with the neighbours. It’s not always easy but you should find the right people and have them help you in tricky situationsWatch the video of Yavor talking about his life in Gentofte. 

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Poornima: Make the most of urban and rural living

Poornima Luthra came to Gentofte from Singapore in 2015. She recommends taking the initiative to meet Danish people when you move to the municipality, and enjoying both city life and the countryside in Gentofte Kommune.

My advice on building a social network here in Gentofte is really to take the first step – to show initiative. I think the Danes are beautiful, lovely and really friendly people, and it is really about taking our first step as a foreigner and as an expat.

I’d recommend that for someone to really enjoy Gentofte they should get outdoors. There are so many parks, lakes and forests to explore in the area. I personally love to take a run around Gentofte Lake – it’s one of my favourite things to do with my family.

Watch the video of Poornima talking about her life in Gentofte 

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