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Green spaces and recreational areas

Gentofte is a green municipality. We have parks, countryside, gardens, cemeteries, ports and beaches where you can enjoy nature and the great outdoors.


There are lots of parks in Gentofte where you can exercise, walk your dog, play with the kids or relax in green surroundings.

There are 22 parks located throughout Gentofte Kommune:

  • Ahlmanns Allé/Duntzfelts Allé
  • Bellevue Strandpark
  • Bernstorffsstøtten
  • Charlottenlund Strandpark
  • Dyssegårdsparken
  • Ellehøj
  • Emiliekilde
  • Gentofte Park
  • Hvidøre Strandpark
  • Kildeskoven
  • Maglegårdsskolen/trekant
  • Ordrup Park
  • Ordrupvej 79
  • Skovshoved Strandpark
  • Sofievej
  • Strandlund
  • Søholmslund
  • Søndersø
  • Teglgårdsvej 2
  • Vangede Batteri
  • Bayers Plads (Vangedevej/Søborg Hovedgade)
  • Øregård Park

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Gentofte Kommune has three public gardens. In the gardens there’s room to enjoy the flowers and admire the landscape gardening, or simply enjoy some peace and quiet.
The three public gardens are:

  • G.N. Brandts Have
  • Rosenhaven and Staudehaven (both in Hellerup Strandpark)
  • The gardens by Vangede branch library

Woods, parks and gardens

The natural beauty spots of Gentofte Kommune are a focal point for creating and maintaining a rich array of flora and fauna. Be sure to seek them out for a taste of nature close to the city.
There are ten of these natural beauty spots:

  • Baunehøj
  • Brobæk Mose
  • Christiansholms Mose
  • Ellemosen
  • Gentofte Sø
  • Holmehaven
  • Hundesømosen
  • Nymosen
  • Skovshoved Mark
  • Vintappersøen

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We have four beautiful cemeteries around Gentofte Kommune:

  • Gentofte Kirkegård
  • Hellerup Kirkegård
  • Mariebjerg Kirkegård
  • Ordrup Kirkegård

Each cemetery has its own style and landscape architecture, representing various historical eras.

Mariebjerg Kirkegård has been designated as one of the top ten sites of architectural significance in the Danish Cultural Canon. The cemetery was designed by landscape gardener G.N. Brandt.

Everyone is welcome to stroll through the cemeteries and enjoy the tranquillity; just remember to be respectful of funerals, interment ceremonies and relatives tending graves.

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Ports, beaches and bathing

Our coastline facing Øresund Sound offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, water sports and enjoying the sea.
We have three publicly accessible beaches. The beaches are great for paddling, sunbathing and enjoying recreational activities and sports on the grass.
The three beaches are:

  • Bellevue Strandpark
  • Charlottenlund Strandpark
  • Hellerup Strand.

We also have three harbours:

  • Hellerup Lystbådehavn
  • Skovshoved Havn
  • Tuborg Havn.

The ports are located in beautiful surroundings and are worth a visit to enjoy the atmosphere, appreciate the view across the water and observe harbour life. Apart from moorings and water sports, the harbours also have a choice of restaurants for diners.

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Camping Charlottenlund Fort

There’s space for tents, caravans and motorhomes at the campsite by the old Charlottenlund Fort. The site has state-of-the-art shower facilities and kitchens, a dining room and a laundry.

The campsite is situated in the heart of Charlottenlund Strandpark, just 8 km from the centre of Copenhagen. The beach park has a beautiful beach and offers a range of activities in the area.

The campsite is open from 8 March until 20 October and is located at Strandvejen 144 B, DK-2920 Charlottenlund.

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