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Refugees and integration

Read about what will happen when you first arrive in Gentofte Kommune as a refugee.

Arriving in Gentofte

When Gentofte Kommune is notified that a refugee will come and live in the municipality, the municipality will plan a reception which takes the refugees’ prerequisites into account.

Perhaps the refugees will move directly to the municipality without knowing anyone in Denmark. Perhaps the refugee has been living in an asylum centre in Denmark for a longer period of time. These factors will need to be taken into account when the refugee arrives in Gentofte Kommune.

Important information when arriving

When you arrive at the municipality, you will immediately be given the most crucial information:

  • A brief introduction to Gentofte Kommune
  • Registering at the National Registry
  • The use of the Danish Healthcard ID
  • Rights and obligations
  • Additional information for refugees

When you have lived in Gentofte Kommune for a few days, you will be given a further introduction by the municipality to the following topics:

  • The legal basis for residence in Denmark
  • The conditions for financial support
  • The Danish tax system
  • Danish courses
  • Residence card and passport
  • The municipality will also inform you of topics which are relevant for you.

Ongoing contact

When you have been introduced to Gentofte Kommune, a case worker will have ongoing contact with you. A case worker will help and support you with issues regarding housing. A job counsellor will coach and guide you with respect to employment, education and job training according to your needs.