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Unemployment and benefits

You can get financial help if you lose your job. Find out how to sign on as unemployed, what benefits you can apply for, and how Gentofte Kommune can help you to find work or training.

Good to know

  • You must sign on as unemployed on the first day you are out of work.
  • If you’ve become unemployed, you can apply for financial help from Gentofte Kommune.
  • Various conditions determine which benefits you can apply for: Are you a member of an “A-kasse” unemployment insurance fund? Do you have qualifications? Are you over or under 30? How long have you lived in Denmark?
  • If you’re not a member of an “A-kasse”, you’ll have to visit Gentofte Kommune’s Job Centre on your first day of unemployment.
  • The Job Centre has a number of ways of helping you find work or enrolling on a course.


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