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Holiday allowance

You are entitled to take holidays when you work in Denmark. Read about the rules regulating holidays and payment of holiday pay.

Good to know

  • When you work for a Danish company or organisation, you’re entitled to five weeks’ holiday a year.
  • You accrue holiday entitlement when you work. For every month worked, you accrue 2.08 days’ holiday. You can take your holiday entitlement the month after you’ve accrued it.
  • If you’re a permanent employee, you’ll usually receive your salary during your holiday.
  • Otherwise, you’ll be entitled to holiday pay and you’ll need to make arrangements to have your holiday pay paid out before you take your holiday.
  • If you’re on benefits, you’ll have to notify your A-kasse (unemployment insurance fund), Udbetaling Danmark (the benefits disbursement authority) or the municipality that you’re taking a holiday.


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