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Benefits for families with children

There are various benefits available for families with children. Find out what benefits your family is entitled to and how to apply.

Parental leave benefit

New parents are entitled to parental leave. During your parental leave, you will receive either your salary or parental leave benefit. It depends on your workplace and collective agreement.

The rate of parental leave benefit is set according to your salary and the number of hours you work per week.

Read about parental leave and other leave at (in Danish) 

Calculate your parental leave benefit at (in Danish)


Child and youth benefit

You will receive child and youth benefit for each of your children until they turn 18. The amount you get depends on your child’s age and, if you are married, you and your spouse’s combined income. As a starting point, child and youth benefit is payable to the child’s mother.

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Child allowance

As a mother or father, you may be eligible for child allowance. This could be if you are a single parent, you adopt a child from abroad or you have twins.You can get child allowance if:

  • You are a single parent
  • You are a parent enrolled in education
  • You have adopted a child 
  • You are a pensioner and you have a child to support
  • You have twins, triplets, quadruplets, etc.

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Child support

Child support is a contribution that one parent pays to the other if you don’t live together.

You could get child support if you live with your child, but not with your child’s other parent. You could also receive support if you look after the child in some other way. The other parent is the one who must pay that amount to you. As a starting point, you, the parents, must agree the amount between you.

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Daycare subsidies

Parents with income below a certain threshold can apply for a subsidised daycare place. These are known as free daycare places. You can apply for a free daycare place via digital placement.

Digital placement in the self-service solution

If you have more than one child in a daycare facility, you will get a sibling grant. The grant means you pay the full price for the daycare place that costs the most, and you get 50% off the other daycare places. You will receive the grant automatically when both your children are enrolled with a daycare facility or childminder.

You will also receive a grant if your child has a significant physical or mental disability. In order to receive the grant, your child’s disability must be assessed by the municipality.

To learn more about payment or grants, call digital placement on tel. 39 98 00 00.

Visit the childcare page 

Get advice about benefits

If you’re in doubt about what benefits you are entitled to, you can get help from Gentofte Kommune’s Borgerservice (citizen service center).

Find contact information for Borgerservice

Udbetaling Danmark (the benefits disbursement authority) pays paternal leave benefit, child and youth benefit and child allowance, and oversees payment of child support. If you have any questions about the payment of the benefits, please contact Udbetaling Danmark.

Contact Udbetaling Danmark, Family benefits/Familieydelser (Page in Danish)