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Sports and leisure

In Gentofte, you have lots of choices for spending your free time on sports, culture and activities. See a summary of what Gentofte Kommune offers.

Sports clubs

If you want to do sports with others, you can join a sports club. The clubs bring people together for sports, and anyone can be involved, regardless of age. You pay a membership subscription to join a club.

Gentofte Kommune has about 60 sports clubs. There’s something for everyone – whether you’re into badminton, basketball or rugby.

Outdoor training facilities

You can work out in the open air at one of Gentofte Kommune’s outdoor training facilities.

Find out where you can join in with an outdoor workout

Evening classes

Want to learn to sew, make cream puffs or sing in a choir? Well, you could take an evening class!

Evening classes are a great way to cultivate your interests and meet new people. There are lots of different courses, and anyone can join in. You pay for the courses you want to take.

List of evening classes (in Danish)


You can borrow books, videos and other items from Gentofte libraries. You can also go to concerts, visit the language café or watch theatrical productions with your children.

There are six libraries in Gentofte Kommune: Hellerup, Dyssegård, Vangede, Ordrup, Jægersborg and Gentoftegade.

Read about Gentofte’s libraries

Museums and cultural centres

Gentofte Kommune has a large selection of museums and cultural centres. Whether you’re into art, history, theatre or films, you’ll find cultural experiences close to home.

Read about Gentofte’s museums and cultural centres

Culture calendar

The cultural calendar provides an overview of all cultural events in Gentofte.

Open the culture calendar (in Danish)

Culture and festival days

For four days a year, Gentofte puts on a festival to celebrate culture, community and entrepreneurship. The festival brings us together on the streets, in parks and in cultural centres. Everyone can join in. The festival takes place each June.

Read about Culture & Festival Days (in Danish)

Kulturklub Gentofte (Gentofte Culture Club)

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