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Receive coaching for your new initiative

Do you have an idea that could make a difference to the people of Gentofte Kommune, but you’re unsure how to turn the idea into a reality? Then you can get help from Gentofte Kommune’s coaching team.

Good to know

  • Gentofte Kommune’s staff coaching team are ready and waiting to offer advice and mentoring to members of the public.
  • We can coach you on an initiative or idea that could benefit the community and the people of Gentofte Kommune. You must be prepared to work on making the initiative a reality, perhaps together with others.
  • Our coaches can advise on who else you could talk to in Gentofte Kommune, serve as a sounding board for your idea and perhaps partner with you in developing it.
  • Perhaps your idea also needs others to get involved, such as enthusiasts, a club or association, or local businesses. Here, our coaches can help you get in touch and take advantage of Gentofte Kommune’s extensive network.
  • Our coaches work based on six guiding principles of successful co-creation.

See the six principles of co-creation (in Danish)

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