Gå til hoved indhold

Charlottenlund knitting society welcomes our Ukrainian sisters

Handicrafts unite women, and the women of The Charlottenlund Knitting Society would like to invite Ukrainian women to join them at our local library Ordrup Bibliotek.

Opening hours

Odd weeks:
Thursday at 2.00 pm
Wednesday at 7.00 pm

Even weeks:
Monday at 7.00 pm
Thursday at 2.00 pm

We knit, we talk, we drink coffee or tea, we unite in our love for knitting and embroidery. We have been so fortunate to have received donations of yarn and knitting needles so we are ready to welcome you.
We look forward to meeting you at our library Ordrup Bibliotek, address: Ejgårdsvej 11, 2920 Charlottenlund. 

For further information find us on Facebook: Charlottenlund Strikkeklub